Sunday, May 18, 2008

Bill Bell still goin' strong

The elder (or more appropriately, the eldest) statesman of triathlon, Mr. Bill Bell, is still going strong at age 85 years old. If you're not familiar with Mr Bell, he's one of the oldest competitors to complete Ironman and manages to remind me that I should just hope to be as active as him when I reach age 55 or 65, much less halfway through my 80's!

Bill Bell was at the Encinitas Sprint Triathlon this morning and took home the 1st place in the "Over 75" Mens Division.

Its never too late to start, and according to Bill, its never time to stop...

See you out there Bill!

Friday, May 9, 2008

New York Times

The New York Times posted an article (linked here) discussing how the balancing of three sports versus just one sport may prevent triathletes from reaching their maximum potential in all three at the same time.

Not that this is surprising in and of itself, but surprising someone would take the time to write an article about it...