Tuesday, September 15, 2009

San Diego Indoor Cycling

Looking for a great San Diego indoor cycling classes designed for triathletes and road cyclists?

Check out the indoor cycling classes at Coastal Sports and Wellness.

Their San Diego indoor cycling studio uses the Computrainer Multirider system.

What's a Computrainer MultiRider system?

Just the best indoor cycling training device available!

Imagine being able to measure your week-after-week improvement from your cycling classes.

Imagine being able to ride the actual triathlon and road cycling courses that you're training for.

Want to ride the Kona Ironman race course?

What about Mount Ventoux in France?

Coastal Sports and Wellness has the video and the power settings to give you the most realistic indoor cycling workouts in San Diego.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

IT Band Problems? Try the GRID Foam Roller by Trigger Point Therapy

If you're read our iliotibial band info, you know that one treatment we recommend is a foam roller for the IT band. (Go here if you haven't seen our IT Band stretches and exercise handout)

We've been impressed with the new Grid Foam Roller by TP Therapy Products. They have come up with a new design for the foam roller that I think will be pretty unique.
Read our review of the GRID foam roller on our website.